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Meaning: Princess

This black girl is beautiful, wonderful and sexy. She knows exactly what she wants in life, but don’t let her kindness fool you, she doesn’t take the piss. She is absolutely amazing at singing, she’s going to be famous one day. If you ever find a girl like Taiana, don’t lose her, she’s a very special one. Sexy body, with curves here and there, she catches the eyes of any man she pleases. Very creative, loving and kind.
Person 1 - Did you see that girl, that just walked past?
Person 2 - Yh, that’s Taiana!!!
Person 1 - She’s so beautiful!!!😍
by Anonymous yute October 08, 2019
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A recently discovered greek sex goddess. Pictured as half human and half fish for her elite swimming skills. Attracts many males and females with her slick wet body. Commonly confused with a mermaid but the difference is Taiana can shape shift and trick her prey. A very wise and tricky creature, not to be tampered with.
"dude i think i just saw taiana"
"nah that was little mermaid"
by metallballer January 06, 2009
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