A knobhead, typically leads people on for as long as they please to satisfy their own needs. Player. A very insensitive individual, only cares about themselves. Will definitely hurt you even if you’re the sweetest most angelic girl in the world. Not romantic. Doesn’t make a good boyfriend.
“Why did he leave her?”
“Because he’s a Tai”
by thiccbaddie November 04, 2019
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A fat sexual predator- he fucks old men and k
beats up babies. He is ugly and has freckles all over and hates money. People hate him but want to fuck him
Fuck tai
Tai is ugly AF
Kill tai
by Hithereitsmeagain October 22, 2018
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Tai tai (太太) is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not work. It is the same as the Cantonese title for a married woman.
I wish I had a Tai Tai life OR she is lunching with the Tai Tai's
by MR_HK June 18, 2015
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1.beautiful girl, nice often small height
2.tater tots
3.a little turd that is short and looks good enough to eat
1.kevin:wow tay tay your so nice i can just eat you
kevin:as matter of a fact i will, yumm

2.tay tay:hey kevin
kevin:hey tay tay your beautiful
tay tay: thanks kevin your a dan
kevin:whats a dan?
tay tay:dope ass nigga!!
by kevin guzman December 26, 2007
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Chinese colloquial term for a housewife married to a rich man. Similar to trophy wife. Used mainly in Singapore and Hong Kong. Her main duties include raising successful kids, looking good into her 30s, 40s and 50s and of course sucking her husband's dick.
John: Man, that lady is an absolute tai tai!
Mark: Absolutely, she's probably giving him morning head everyday to earn that Versace dress.
by Stephler2020 May 20, 2020
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a very delicate blonde boy with skinny calves and pretty eyes but could use an eyebrow trim...enjoys things that glow
man did you see tay tay playing glow frisbee today?
yeah man he needs a eyebrow trim.
by meredith-sierra November 08, 2010
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