Acronym for the band 'The Academy Is...'
~*~Beckett~Is~My~Homeboy~*~: OMGAH! TAI... ARE SO KICKASS!
by Jedi Master Luna August 14, 2006
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1.A legend of one of the most baddest of ass-est guys in the world. It has been reported that he is what people think is God. When a 'miracle' occurs, he is the cause. He killed Hitler and saved us from Naziism. If you are in need of his help, just shout!

2.Can be used as a metaphor. e.g. Something is really good.

3.To summon Tay, you must play porn, of any kind, at full volume in a library. When the porno has finished, if you are still not caught, Tay will appear and grant you one single wish.
Example 1
A: I almost got hit by a car!
B: Are you okay?
A: Luckily I'm only bruised.
B: Well, thank Tay for that!

Example 2
A: Wow, that movie was amazing!
B: Obviously! That was complete Tay!

Example 3
A:I chucked another kid out of the school library today.
A:He was trying to summon that fucking 'Tay' again.
by A Non Eemus January 23, 2013
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Tais is a very smart girl whom is fairly shy but once you get to know her she is the most awesome at person you will ever meet. Having her around is so much fun, she doesn't like to be with someone and have awkward silence so she'll probably ask random stuff to relive that silence. She is pretty hot, but likes to keep it to her self but once in a while she'll try to show the world but not to a point where it shows to much cleavage.
(Awkward silence):

Dude we need to have a TAIS around! This is really boring right now
by Googlefine June 22, 2014
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The doubled version of tay. Tay is an abbreviated version of Partay. Party is an abbreviation of Party. There for being a doubled abbreviation of an abbreviation of a party.
Set and get to the tay tay.
by not legit at all March 13, 2003
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beautiful brightest hearted and deserves the world sometime sad but a strong willed person who deserves everything and the sexiest and best person alive usually has a blond friend and hangs out where she wants sassy and if u lose her its on u boo, tai`s are the worlds greatest people u break them they will throw hands if u have on ur lucky they are like all the goodest things in the world and deserve it all ur one dumbass bitch if u lose one never pin anything on them cause they don`t deserve it. if u ever make them cry your a really terrible person and they will cut ur ass out of there life u just are`nt worth it no second chances there are goofy spicy sexy hot beautiful smartass people and have amazing personalitys who are badass angels and ur the lucky one
guy 1:tai is a badass
girl 2:i wish i was her
guy:i wish i had her
girl 2:keep dreaming she belongs to none
by i am snatched 101 March 07, 2019
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Tay is mostly used as a nickname for many variations but you can be assured that they are bad bitches with hearts pure as gold. You never wanna lose a Tay because they always have your back through the good and the bad.
by Trilla007 March 17, 2017
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