City in Magnamund, the capital of Anari. Located at the centre of the country, across a broad plane, Tahou is the seat of the government and also of the Cauldron of Tahou, a mysterious passageway, normally sealed (but accessible by secret passages), leading down into the ruins of Zaaryx, an ancient, buried city from the time of Agarash.

Tahou is populated by humans, but Zaaryx is home to ghouls, and also the mysterious but ultimately good-aligned Crocaryx, as well as other monsters.

Tahou is besieged in Lone Wolf 9: The Cauldron of Terror, meaning that Lone Wolf has to battle or sneak into the city and later to defend it from attack by the united forces of the Darklords, the Drakkarim and the Vassagonian Zakhan.
The battles in Tahou include attempts to drop Giaks into the city by over-flying Kraan. However, this was anticipated after the fall of Suentina, and giant crossbows and wizards had been placed in high places in the city.
by Andy May 05, 2004
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