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Singular Drakkar. A human or humanoid people in the Lone Wolf world, who live in a number of kingdoms in western Magnamund such as Nyras, Nyvoz and Ghatan. They are warlike and are aligned to and ruled by the Darklords; as a result, they often appear in the Darklord armies as far afield as Sommerlund and Anari.

Drakkarim warriors wear heavy armour and grated helmets which mask their faces. They wield heavy weapons such as maces and axes, and are more powerful and intelligent than Giaks. Thus, they are often used for special operations such as siege warfare and as a vanguard. A special unit, the Death Knights, are especially feared.
Lone Wolf stood to face the three Drakkarim warriors as they charged through the breach in the wall.
by Andy May 10, 2004
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