She is a girl that is very unique, cool ,calm, and a little bit loud. She has a temper. She is so pretty and very beautiful. She always has little self-confidence because she doesn't feel accepted or pretty. She thinks nobody likes her. That isnt true. She is loved by everyone! She is a sensitive girl and tries to make everyone happy. She doesn't bitch at people. SHE IS SOOO FUNNY!!! She is true and not fake. She will be your best friend till forever. She sometimes may act a little cocky and nerdy. She is so random at times but it will make you laugh. She loves friends.
"Hey that girl is so Tahime." "You mean she's unique?" "HELL YEAH BRO! "
by goo goo gaa gaa 456 December 8, 2011
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The best Person alive, all the sexy girls want him because of his big dick and the boys want to be him. Tahim is cute, funny, smart and strong. If you ever meet Tahim treat him well as he is good friend.
by Jax Bryan A.K.A. Da best December 19, 2016
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