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A name that orgins from Ireland. 75% of the name "Tahge" are Irish and the rest of the population usually are African-American or Bi-Racial. The 25% that are Bi-Racial( If your black and Irish you are still considered Bi-Racial) and African-American tend to have very large genitles such as 6-7in Penises but normal size testicles, but the 75% that are Irish usaully have abnormally small penises. The name Tahge can have several different meaning "Beast", "God","Favorite" and in Ireland Tahge is a popular name.
(African and Bi-Racial ex.) My boy Tahge will mess you up. OMG!!!!!! Last night when I had sex with Tahge his Penis was so big I thought I was Gonna Past out. Tahge your amazing at sex. Tahge your the most popular at the job.

(Irish ex.) He's a true Irish man when you look downlow small. Tahge is a beast at sports.
by TrueFact12345678 July 28, 2011
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To sum it all up any Tahge is the man, there is honestly no one better than Tahge, everyone adores him.
You Know, Tahge is probably the chillest person ever
by 0129384756 November 19, 2012
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