A username or other dominant identification name on a website/videogame server.
Noob: "Cool tag name, guy!"

Flaming Cows of Doom: "GTFO my server."

Noob: "Lawl!"
by SooperUser February 25, 2010
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A guy (or girl) with a wonderful personality, and great body. He/She are easy to get along with and have old school punk rock and alternative taste in music. He/she has had or have a stressful family life or life at home and are always trying to go new places and try new things. He/she is very loyal and trustworthy and only speaks his/her mind when asked.
Tag (the name) is so sweet!
by Crash1234 November 24, 2010
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tattoo of your name (real or street) on the side of your neck. Usually seen on people who prescribe to the ghetto/gang culture.
"Yes officer the guys name was Tim"
"how do you know his name?"
"he had a Ghetto Name Tag"
"Oh I see his name on his neck right?"
by mr10mm February 24, 2009
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A girl who's destined career path will always inevitably require wearing a name tag as part of her work uniform.

Simply put, an uneducated, unmotivated girl who lacks street smarts and who has the same mental capacity as a bucket of whale shit. They're attractive for one reason and only one, their girl parts.
While talking shit to a friend: The dude is a literal pussy magnet, capable of luring in every name-tag bitch within 25 miles of a truck stop.
by mustard or relish February 17, 2014
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clowns in abwr who have the light green name tags and are really dumb
red name: man these green names are really dumb
green name tags: UpDateWHen?
by yo gamer March 10, 2021
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