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Taeli is a badass chick. Stay clear of her when she is pissed or during shark week. Taeli will destroy you. Taeli's name is often mispronounced (which just annoys her even more). If you are in an argument with Taeli be afraid, be very afraid. Do not fuck with her.

Chicks names Taeli are often very emotional and deep. Taeli rarely thinks rationally. A woman named Taeli often tend to be highly intelligent, cunning, athletic, witty and also facetitious.

The Taelis in the world will often work in some kind of creative job. Occupations like being and artist or writer. Along with a super high IQ she is extremly beautiful. Taeli's are the total package.
Taeli is so beautiful, smart and funny.
by TD0607 September 02, 2016
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