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Taegen, not to be confused with Teegan or Tayjon, is an amazing person. Taegens are usually sarcastic smartasses and stubborn. They make fun of you a lot, but they are some of the most loving people you will ever encounter. A person with the name Taegen will come off as an unemotional headass, although deep down they are adorable puppy dogs that will follow you if you let them. If you are ever lucky enough to come across a Taegen, never let them go or else you are missing out on a chance to spend time with a super awesome person. Taegens are extremely dorky, yet somehow they are some of the coolest humans ever. They are meme/rap/emo/edge lords and, they think their music taste is superior. In all seriousness, everyone needs a Taegen.
Person 1: Taegen is a Che Ecru listening headass! He thinks he is superior when it comes to his stroke game, what a dumbass.
Person 2: Yeah he makes fun of me all the time for not knowing every single thing about the Weeknd’s life.

Person 1: He is such a weenie, but I love him sooooo much!

Person 2: Ugh! Me too!
by sup3rweeniehutjr February 12, 2019
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Walks in the room and immediately gets everyone's attention with his presence. Very quiet, but speaks abundantly with his actions. Will almost always put those close to him above himself and is super protective of them. Overall a great friend and a head turner.
"Damn you see who just walked in the room?"
"Yeah he must be a Taegen"
by Vballgirl96 February 17, 2017
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