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Can be applied to any food or drink, however, is more commonly used with beer and/or cigarrettes.

Beer (or any Drink):When a person has one sip of a beer left in the bottle or can, and they open their next beer in an effort to flawlessly move from one almost empty beer to their next full beer. Can be repeated many times.

Cigarettes (or any smokeable object): When an individual takes the last drag of their cigarette, puts a new cigarette in their mouth, and lights the new cigarette with the old cigarette.

(Comes from the military term which refers to ejecting the magazine from your rifle/pistol/etc. while you still have one round in the chamber, and inserting a new full magazine, therefore enabling the shooter to continue shooting without having to re-charge their weapon.)
Quincy: Hey there Mike, why did you just open another beer?

Mike: Well I only have a few sips left in this one.

Quincy: So you're just going to move from one beer to the next?

Mike: I'm using a Tactical Reload!

Quincy: You just blew my mind.
by Miketerrell July 14, 2010
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1. The act of successfully reloading one's firearm while under stress, i.e. life-threatening situations.
2. Getting another beer.
3. Loading a bowl of good chronic while bouncing around in a 4x4 vehicle unrestrained on an old logging road.
4. Putting on another condom after losing the one you were wearing.
5. Cheating with her sister.
No shit there I was...bear comin at me at thirty yards...missed my first nine shots, but did a tactical reload...and here I am.
by scbane December 19, 2010
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When you're hittin it from behind and you run out of juice so your bro runs in and yells "tactical reload" and so your homie docks with you and gives you the reload.
Bro 1: Man i'm spent.... bro hit me with that Tactical reload!

Bro 2: Tactical reload!!!!
by Omega_asian August 25, 2017
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