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A feat whereby a person is challenged to eat $20.00 worth of Taco Bell food within one hour. Only one drink purchase allowed.

If the contestant can eat all of the food in the allotted time, the issuer of the challenge must pay the tab. If the contestant cannot eat all of the food ordered, he/she must pay for whatever has been ordered.
I really thought I could eat 23 orders of cinnamon twists. Because I could not, I lost the Taco Bell Challenge


I've won the Taco Bell Challenge: I just consumed 4 Big Bell Box Meals, pay up son.
by Taco Bell connoisseur July 10, 2008
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The act of purchasing the "Grande Meal" consisting of 10 tacos, to be made up of 5 hard shell and 5 soft shell tacos, and consuming every last shred of each taco within a half hour. The rules are simple:
1) Eat EVERYTHING. This includes every shred of lettuce.
2) Choice of Border Sauce and drinks is left to the Challenger.
Everytime they got drunk, the Taco Bell Challenge was called for at around 2AM.
by TacoBellChallengeWinner October 23, 2005
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a drinking feat in which you have to spend a total of $10 on Taco Bell bean burritos and 40 oz. malt liquor bottles, then finish them all within 1 hour.
Stay away from Room 117...there are a bunch of fools doing the Taco Bell Challenge in there. It's a fucking toxic waste zone.
by Nick D May 05, 2003
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At the taco bell, order one of every single thing on the menu. Approx $82. No need to order the value meals, to just simply order one of every single thing on the menu. You and as many people as you like eating every single thing that you order. Do this and achieve greatness.
Hey im hungry what do you want to eat?

Lets do the taco bell challenge!

O my poor Heart.
by Johnny, a.k.a Jawnee April 07, 2008
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A feat which is accomplished by eating all the items of the Taco Bell Big Value Menu in one sitting. Any sauce/soda added is up to the challenged. This feat should be recorded via video/ledger/tape and witnessed by an audience of at least 2 people. If the partaker vomits, the challenge is over.
When Rick completed the Taco Bell Challenge in 45 minutes, HE WAS FULL!!
by TBChampion January 04, 2006
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Two challengers face each other head-to-head in an event in which they have to consume as many packets of Taco Bell Fire Sauce as they possibly can. Once the challenge starts, contestants are not allowed to drink/eat anything. Anything done to cool the mouth down is considered illegal. The person who consumes the most packets is the winner.
by b'sinmya March 10, 2006
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A true challenge indeed. Over the span of 3 months, consume nothing but Taco Bell, and Diet Soda. No other beverage or food is allowed. This includes alcohol, as alcohol may help to ease the pain of this process. If the challenger dies anytime during the 3 months, challenge is over, and deemed a failure. Any lapse resulting in a coma will also end the challenge, and the challenge must begin again from day 1 should the challenger decide to resume, but only after challenger comes out of said coma.

It is said that completion of this challenge can lead to excessive weight loss. This is, however, a myth.
Bill -- "Hey man, did you see that weird cloud over by Jim's house?"
Roger -- "Yeah, Jim is taking the Taco Bell Challenge, he just finished month 2, it's starting to get scary"
by Joel Spangler January 06, 2006
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