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When situations get too out of hand and either:

A) You must relieve stress somehow.


B) You need people's attention.

You simply go and flip a table. This has been used many times in cartoons or movies or whatever, as you know. So. Yeah.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Person: "So I was j-"

Other: "OH MY GOD, I saw the cutest jeans!"

Person: "Oookay, I was just saying that I wa-"

Other: "Is there something wrong with y-"

Person: "*Table flip* BITCH, SHUT THE FUCK UP."
by 1stConquest September 08, 2012
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Something you do when you are angry. The phrase :flips table: or a variation of it comes up in online interaction, often through self-narration.
*table flip* IT'S ON NOW, BITCH
by indigohalf November 10, 2010
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