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Tabarnack is one of the strongest swearing word in french. It comes from "tabernacle" which was a word used in churches back when Quebec was Catholic.
The definition varies:
it can be used as an adjective meaning "a lot"
it can mean a simple swearing word such as "fuck, damnit"
it can be put in the middle of other swear to accentuate the anger
mon osti de tabarnack, ma te tuer!(Fucking asshole, i'll kill you)
tabarnack, t'étais où?(What the fuck, where were you?)
j'ai de l'argent en tabarnack!(I got a lot of money)
t'es belle en tabarnack! (You are incredibly pretty)
by whippette January 08, 2013
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tabarnack is the most powerfull swear word in quebec , you can use it at almost any sauce it is very versatil it can be both positive or negative depending of the context it can also describe somebody it can also means 'a lot'
c etait le fun en ,tabarnack !
ce gars la est un ,tabarnack de con !
j en ai vu en , tabarnack
by i-shot-who January 02, 2006
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