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1) an Austrian word meaning "pocket sized badass"

2) bigger than a toaster, smaller than a rocketship and faster than a ninja on speed
3) a lovable stoner who slices your neck with their hand when you least expect it (never give a Taavi a real weapon)
1. Taavi rocks a mohawk better than anyone who anyone's ever known.
2. Don't fuck with Taavi, he'll cut you!
by Niko Taavi May 25, 2010
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Not very usual name, given by the ancient Greece god Zeus himself. He is a semi-god, half-human and half-god. People may usually know this person by the nickname Hercules, Alexander the Great, Achilles and so on...hes just reborning to this world all over again.

Theres even and incident when Chuck Norris himself ran away from Taavi-scared off the consencuenses meeting him. Hes the most powerfull, probably the most beautiful person who have ever lived. Every mortal women wants to make love with him, even men. But Taavis are allways heteros, no gay Taavi ever recorded yet hasnt born.
godlordno mercyTaavi
by Orliht84 March 08, 2012
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Taavi is a Finnish term meaning child of David. In Finland it means David Junior, to a boy or a girl of David's.
She's a Taavi, her dad David is right over there.
Hi I'm Taavi, so this is my dad David.
by MakeUpMyDayVegas September 05, 2019
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