Phrase spoken by a female to express her wish to a male that he touch her only above the waist for the time being
Guy (having had his arm gently pushed away when he was reaching under his girl’s skirt): Ah --- is it “that time of the month”, honey?
Girl (in a somewhat sorrowful tone from having to disappoint a guy whom she really likes a lot): Yeah, it is… sorry. I’m afraid it’s just ta-tas for now… I’m all yucky-messy “down there”.
by QuacksO March 5, 2012
Another way of saying "see you later". Can be abbreviated to TTFN, but there isn't much point if it still has the same number of syllables.
Guy: Well, ta ta for now!
Guy 2: Bye.
by theforgottenspark December 24, 2006
Another way of saying "OK! THAT'S IT! FUCK OFF!"
Did you know that guy pulled a Swapneel?! Apprently he...
; OMG! I'd love to listen to but I have work. Ta ta for now
by Bubby gg December 25, 2021