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"Thank you for playing."

1. Commonly used after a game is played. The message said after a game is played; ending screen of a video game.

2. To sum up a conflict after insults are exchanged between individuals with no comeback. Commonly tagged after the use of GG.

3 a.Used to prevent of comeback from occuring by stopping the opponent in their tracks from thinking of another insult; to own/pwn.
b.Used directly after a personal attack.
Scenario: Person1 is watching TV. Person2 walks in.

Person2: This anime is so stupid.
Person1: At least I am not still watching Dragonball Z and Pokemon.
Person2: ...
Person1: GG. TYFP.
by MaximusDM February 13, 2005
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An acronym for "that's your fucking problem." A common analog to NMFP, or "that's your fucking problem."
"Dude, Nmfp. Actually, TYFP."

"Guy 1: I'm dying.
Me: TYFP."
by Big Gare July 13, 2010
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