A tugg is a nickname for a Server administrator in Minecraft
Hey bill, want to setup that plugin you bought yesterday?
Nah, jimmy, let's get the tugg to do it!
by lolsoda January 29, 2021
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Fupa Crew member; has mental problems and is otherwise designated as "special"
Tugg, I want you to turn the violence meter down just a tad.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
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an amazing guy probably plays a sport with blue eyes most likely every girl loves him and he lets every girl love him but he always has one that he loves more then the rest and ends up being his “best friend” but he wants to be more
every girl loves him hes such a tugg
by gotemboi June 18, 2019
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One who owns, is amazing at, or is boss at World of Warcraft, in the sense of dwarves (particularly warriors)
Wow i just got my arse handed to me by Tuggs, I wish i could be as good at this game as him
by drock4vu May 29, 2008
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The action of a girl pulling "tugging" with such force on a man's snuff (uncircumsized penis) that it causes the penis to flip inside out to the point that it resembles a naked mole rat.
by Snuffy McKlavinson April 06, 2011
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The act of shitting your pants to avoid being raped.
That mother-fucker thought he was gonna rape me until I Tugg McGraw He threw up then took off running. Thanks for the greatest idea ever
by Big t June 03, 2012
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yet another way of saying masterbating
Steve: "You coming to football?"
Jerry: "Just wait a minute"
Perry: "Where's Jerry?"
Steve: "Having a quick tugg before the game"
*all laugh except from Jerry, who is actually secretly crying*
I need to use the exact words: "Tugg Off"
by AlternativeName October 18, 2010
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