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After the election, Trump voters will suffer from TTSD.
by JayyTheOrc October 03, 2016
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this is the term for people who are overwhelmed with anxiety due to Trump winning the election. They suffer from depression and lack the ability to cope with everyday life. These people are still crying a river because they will soon have to become responsible and get a job. They use and abuse drugs to try and mellow out but to no avail. Suicide rates amongst these precious little snowflakes should be alot higher in the next year . Oh well
Susy the liberal has ttsd so bad she layed down on the railroad tracks and waited for obliteration.
by Pimpshooga April 22, 2017
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Stands for: Time To Suck Today's Dick. Example of meaning : let's get up and start the day that's going to have a bunch of unpleasant things to do.
by SandNcheecks March 05, 2014
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