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it's awesome and family fun friendly whatever, but it's nice for a g-rated place. the rules are a bit strict and shit but whatever~
I love ToonTask, it's so fun!

ToonTask is a great place to connect. :)
by Whatever. D; January 15, 2009
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A Toontown Online fansite with many members, mostly of the pre-teen age group. Depending on how you act and present yourself on there, you can be veiwed as either
a) A god/goddess where everyone loves you, and you'll gets lots of friends, comments and attention.

b) A hypocrite

c) Stupid, emo, outcast, or a fucked up looser where you'll be ignored and hated.

Nonetheless, You'll make friends.
Toontask is awesome! I have lots of friends!

Toontask is a hell hole that I can't seem to leave. I get ignored on there, but I can't seem to leave...
by ThisMayBeTheLastSongIWrite January 16, 2009
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