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Jim: I finally dumped that crack ho Sandy.
Jim's friend: TTFC.
by ThrowdownInUtah February 03, 2008
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Time To First Commit. An software engineer starts working at say, Google, and it takes them 1 month to get their code into production (actually running on Their time to first commit would be 1 month. TTFC is good/simple way to measure the effectiveness of your on-boarding process, and the learning curve of your organization.
Abe: Dude, at my last company my TTFC was 1 week. I've broken my record and now it is 3 days!

Bob: Some companies don't even keep track of TTFC, and then their new hires get all demoralized because they feel like they aren't making an impact. High TTFCs are the devil.
by TTFC_LOVER July 06, 2012
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Me: You're cute as a button.
Friend: I sound like I'm 17 not 37, but all good.
by DMMMD December 30, 2016
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