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TRSarmy is a group of The Rocket Summer fans that originally united on and then evolved into a small facebook group which involved into a huge myspace profile that was created by Commander in Chief Melissa and Lieutenant Olivia. The other officers are Colonel Haley, Sergeant Jill, General Ryan, Cadet Kelsi, Captain Taylor, Sergeant Major Melissa, Admiral Christina, Major Christa, Commodore Liz and Brigadier Zalex. TRSarmy has grown into an epically huge group of people (and are even on The Rocket Summer's top friends, and recieved a comment from TRS).
Colonel Haley will be the Oregon representative for TRSarmy. The TRSarmy loves Bryce Avary.
by Haleyisgangsta February 03, 2008
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The devoted fans of the band The Rocket Summer. A group was formed on myspace and from there is was created into a worldwide group.
Lauren is a member of TRSarmy.
by peytonnnn January 22, 2008
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