The Red Pill TRP. Defined by the 'Matrix' film: is the ugly truth about the world we live in, and that by taking the Red pill we expose ourselves to the truths around us and must decide if we wish to embrace those truths or cower behind the many lies we've been fed our entire lives (beta/blue pill).

The Red Pill TRP. As defined in the 'manosphere': by following Red pill advice men can achieve greater things in life, such as: happiness, masculinity, camaraderie, wealth, confidence, alpha mentality, and not continuing to be a wimp or loser. By following Red pill advice-men can achieve the many triumphant deeds of our forefathers, that of which us men today, seem to lack.
Blue Pill friend: "I wish more girls would go out with me..."
TRP friend: "Then stop being a pussy, and start following Red pill wisdom."
by Unibrowse October 27, 2017
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Tentacle Rape Porn. A form of Japanese erotica in which tentacled creatures (octopuses, squids, etc.) have sex with people.
"Dude, I saw some awesome TRP on the internet last night."
"I prefer to fuck people, not squids, ok?"
by 91070219 August 12, 2008
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Trap runners from Trapper Run Dr in Cary North Carolina
Yea I am TRP.
by TRPDaDon February 21, 2022
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