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Abbreviations for the phrase Trailer-Park-Trash. A person with the charateristics:
-living in a trailer park in a hick town while sporting a mullet or some sort of facial hair(s)
-eating foods such as cornbread, drunk chicken, spam on a daily basis
-driving pick up trucks while proclaiming the power of ford/chevrolet with exuberance
-having numerous children
-inbred family
"That guy is TPT"
"Damnit, why do you look so TPT today"
by andoo April 20, 2003
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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Noun. Trailor Park Trash. This term is not gender/age/race specific.
At the community pool on free admission day you'll see alot of T.P.T.

A person may be considered T.P.T. by the smell, clothing, attitude, demeanor, or lack of proper grammar.

by Frankis January 19, 2006
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a skanky, tattooed, trashy ho who wears a tight shirt that shows her gut, tight pants to show off her fat ass and wears pink boots from the 1980's. also has two first names.
by juggalo January 04, 2005
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True Player Thursdays: This is the night when the real players come out to play. They don't go out on Friday or Saturday nights because of the risk factor of being sprung is too high to manage and often intricate disguises are required on those days. There may be less prey around on Thursdays but those that are out in the open are either slow moving, easily confused by the flashy shirts or just can't count up to the number of drinks consumed.
Basketball legend Joakim Noah loves going out on TPT with his boys because that's when he can really let loose and let it all hang out. If the bars are dry there are always the KTV joints where once again he can let it ALL HANG OUT.
by Office Tour Guide November 27, 2011
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An unclean individual who rarely showers, is usually vulgar spoken and brash, and who lives in either a trailer or another unclean dwelling.
“Realizing she was T.P.T., Lauren quickly attempted to clean her room of condoms stuck to the rug before the landlord arrived to fix the leak”
by mikey0983 July 06, 2009
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Talking freaky and it nasty to your girl
You, TPT huh? Babe come eat this pussy
by Sgmatt February 13, 2018
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