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Acronym for "Too Many Blunts Ago." Used by someone describing why they cannot remember something, usually from smoking way too much pot,
stoner 1 : "hey man remember that time we went to the golf course and saw that wolf?"

stoner 2 : "nahhh dude, that was way TMBA!"
by mikeymike420 February 20, 2010
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TOO much body art. The equivalent of wearing ones heart tattooed on their sleeves, hands, face , neck, feet , etc. and exposing it all to the general public.
Jean says to Brian: "Yikes I was hoping to have some fun at the theme park today but I could not tell if I was in line for roller coaster ride or a trip to prison."

Brian: "Yes, TMBA I paid big bucks today to go to a Carnie park ride, LOL"

Jean: "Just don't get the need for that much pain for self expression- ouch"
by jazzcat50 March 26, 2014
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