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Stands for "Turkey Jizz Taster". In the mid-1800's a disease (now referred to as eusiniosis) broke out in eastern Tennessee and northern Georgia. It was a disease that affected humans only after they consumed infected turkeys. The disease was highly fatal, involving severe digestion problems and paralysis. It was discovered that the only way one could tell if a turkey was infected was the taste of its semen. If the semen was very very bitter, it was usually infected. Because turkey was a huge part of the food source, some became professional "tasters" in the area. The practice was carried on for generations, even after the disease was snuffed out a few years after the outbreak. In fact, there is still a annual celebration of the practice in Knoxville, TN.
by triple March 27, 2004
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totally just tooted.

this acronym is used to save yourself and your friends the embarrassment when you fart in public. its also to talk about other people when you hear someone else fart and dont want to out them in public.

you can also place poop, shart, vomit, puke, diarrhea, or any other word that fits in.
Hey Annie guess what!?
I tjt! hahaha

So when I was in the bathroom today, the person in the stall tjp!

So guess who tjs during the fifth grade?
by tourettesgirl May 13, 2010
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