Acronym for 'thank god it's'

Most commonly known in the American Resteraunt, TGI Fridays.
1. TGI Friday man!
2. TGI not too late to hand in my homework
by Foops June 29, 2008
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TGI is a acronym for Tweaker gang industries

Normal for meth users to saying Tweaker gang industry do u want to try our new shake n bake

And many including me have it as a tattoo to remember their past or to show off they were a tweaker
Meth head 1: TGI every day man

Meth head 2: hell yeah Man U got the tat yet
Meth head 1: yeah man I am committed
by Drug guy 88 gang June 12, 2018
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TGI is an acronym for Transgender, Gender-nonconforming/nonbinary, Intersex. While the term TGI cannot fully encompass the vast socio-cultural experiences of those who live beyond the gender binary, the term is helpful as a political strategy to advocate for our community's needs.
I am constantly in awe by the brilliance of TGI folks.

When can I find the nearest TGI community event?

BIPOC TGI activists are out here organizing for collective liberation & reparations for historical trauma.
by transliberation333 April 15, 2021
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Transgender, gender-invariant, and intersex
In general, people who identify as TGI feel that the gender they were assigned at birth is not an accurate or complete description of their gender identity.
by cincodenada November 11, 2020
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i have been so busy this week, i really just need a day to relax, tgis.
by laerun July 6, 2008
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