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TDAH (shortened form of the words "the drug associative hypothesis" - Basically the knowledge and awareness that certain types of media can influence what substances we take- hence example...
Mother 1: Hey, chris is listening to Pink Floyd, so be prepared- he might take LSD sometime in the future...

Mother 2: Hey, Sarah is dancing to rave music, so be prepared- she might take Ecstasy sometime in the future...

Father 1: Hey, Danny is watching The Simpsons, so be prepared- he might take alcohol sometime in the future... oh wait, thats not bad :)

TDAH (the drug associative hypothesis)

Note- This is not necessarily accurate, however the term relates to the lifestyles and media influences associated with the drug in question, and is an easy way of identifying what drug might be craved and taken under the influence of what lifestyle the given person has chosen :P
by Firelovesugar January 12, 2009
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