a TAMF is a TALL ASS MOTHER FUCKER (pardon my language).

a TAMF is that friend that we all have that's really tall and awk. BUT we love them because they're like Andy Samberg meets Dwight Howard. As well, they are usually quite good looking.
-I wasn't watching where i was going and i bumped into that tamf.
-WOW look at that tamf!!! his head hits the cieling!!
-That tamf is HAWT
by ilove(BAH) November 19, 2010
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aka. tool ass motha fucker
if you're a guy and you (have)...
a)cted like you're all about the game when the only bling you have is a key chain
b)elieved you're the shit when you're not that hot
c)an't tell the difference between real cartier and the fake kind down in chinatown
d)isrespected your mom
e)at mcdonald's like its your job
f)uck whoever, whatever, whenever
g)ot no job
h)ate player-ettes & call them sluts just cuz you can't get in
i)ncomes of 6.50 or less
j)oke like a comedian but no ones laughing
k)eep ky jelly & a shit load of condoms on your desk just to be cool for the ladies
l)ove getting head at all the wrong times
m)ake drama like a soap opera director
n)o game
o)rder of the 99cent menu on a date. first of all, what the hell are you doing at mcdonald's
p)ass judgement
q)uit your one and only job
r)im up your'96 honda wit dubs like its a beamer or escalade
s)mell like bo
t)tried to act metro & sophisticated when the only designer threads you've come close is in the dressing room of a gap
u)se stetson, old spice, or axe
v)alue just any booty, not caring where its been and who it is
w)"hats burberry?"
x)tra cocky
y)ell 'ho' and expect any respectable female to respond
"um...actually such a tamf. he's demoted"
by dan November 01, 2004
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A TAMF is a Teeny Ass Mutha Fucker. This is in contrast to a BAMF which is a Big Ass Mutha Fucker.
Guy 1 is Sleeping
Guy 2 comes up to Guy 1 and says "Wake up Teeny Ass Mutha Fucker (TAMF)."
by brainiak January 30, 2011
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