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T.E.G is in fact the definition of Gorgeous, and relates to being Gorgeous both inside and out.
Originating from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia - becoming used quite often. No one knows who it originated from or how it was created.

pronounced; t-egg
'You are absolutely T.E.G, what would I do without you?'

'That is so T.E.G!'

'Lookin' T.E.G tonight'
by Dante Borg May 27, 2014
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Short for a Honda/Acura Integra. Slang term derived from saying 'integra' constantly. Also related to teg-lovers and my own definition "teggy" who is a Honda fanatic specifically devoted to the Integra model.
1: Did you see that modded GSR?

2: Yeah, that was a nice teg.
by Ashent June 27, 2006
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The expose god.

One who usually plays video games and beats the other players.
Oh shit I just got exposed by the T.E.G
by Yesnow234 August 10, 2018
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1. Synonym For Homosexual.

2. Titty Eating Grandma.

3. A Tubby Gamer That Masturbates Often.
Joe: Fuck man I feel like a teg just sitting here eating taco bell playing cod with my left hand while masturbating with my right hand.

Bob: You're fucked up.
by Joe Mammoth July 17, 2012
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