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A common nickname for the popular country artist Taylor Swift.
I went to the T-swizzle concert last night, and it was prime.
by keshafannnn November 21, 2010
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A nickname for Taylor Swift that many fans use. On Taylor's birthday, thousands of girls tweeted "Happy birthday T Swizzle!!!!'
(at a concert)
Fan 2: Ummm, T-Swizzle?
Fan 1: Ugh, its a nickname for Taylor Swift, duhh!
Fan 1: Oh, ok then...?
by KBieber December 28, 2009
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t swizzle is a guy named tucker. he’s a coOoOl guy 😎
person 1: do you know t swizzle?
person 1: yeah he’s a coOoOl guy 😎
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