An exceptionally large phallus. So large that it has been often said it can be seen from space by NASA
While changing everyone noticed Tyson's large dick. Mike said "wow Tyson you are packing a T-Rod"
by ratnasty May 12, 2012
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The biggest hardass in the universe as we know it.
"That Brian Earl Spilner is a hardass," the Captain proclaimed. "Yeah, but did Brian Earl Spilner lick broken glass up off T-ram's floor, and eat an entire wheel of cheese after dominating the gallon challenge?" Chuck replied. "Well, no." Captain said. "Plus he can turn a 4/4/4 double play, get 98's on diff eq. exams when Sean gets 75's, AND get hired in the blocker labs!" Chuck added. The Captain concluded, "You're so right, Toombs really is a total hardass."
by Sean April 15, 2005
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