The act of drinking heavily (mostly cheap ass vodka/beer) with your bros in one of their basements, packing mad lips, playing mvp 2005, and chilling out
max- yo ga its t time
bill- ight no doubt lets get fucking crippled wasted tonight
max- no doubt im tryin to yack
by the godfaTher July 31, 2012
T-shirt Time
noun: a time where you ditch your shirt before the shirt to put on your shirt.

To put on your sexiest shirt for the night to go out.
Jake: Yo dude that GTL was sick today man, you ready to go out?
Alex: yeah, man its T Time
(Jake and Alex proceed to put on their respective shirts)
Jake: lets hit the floor broski
by Sbixen1 February 14, 2011
A term used by Ross Tweddell (aka King Ross) of Cultaholic and formerly WhatCulture whenever WWE commentator Booker T makes a mistake. It is a portmanteau of 'tea time' and the T in Booker T's name.

Sometimes, Ross will sing it to the rhythm of David Bowie's 'Changes'.
Ross: TA TA TA TA T Time!
Ross: Booker T I'm coming for you n-BLEEP
by oli davis February 10, 2018
The time in which everyone participates in the use of a form of tobacco. This event may happen at any time.
Hey guys grab your tins and packs, it's T Time!
by A Nolan October 24, 2010
To participate in the act of masturbation with:
your left hand,
then your right hand,
then your both hands,
then no hands,
thats T Time
Dude thats sick, stop T Timing under the desk.

Hey Connor, stop with the T Time.
by Richie_boi November 11, 2007
Dude stop T Timing under the desk

Harry stop with the T Time man
by lom51 November 14, 2007
Sunny stop with the T Time.

Dude stop T Timing under the desk.
by lom51 November 24, 2007