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When you have a two inch penis and it doesnt look like its getting any bigger.
TPD stands for Tiny Penis Disease
My friend Pete got pantsed in gym and everyone found out about his TPD. its really small
by johavon February 22, 2005
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Toilet Paper Diplomacy - when a else fails, and being a good person just won't work, TP the shit out of that person's house. It's good, old fashion, 9th grade revenge.
#ToiletPaper, #Diplomacyis4bitches, #TPDpolitics
by -14Kip April 07, 2017
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Louis got pants'd in gym class yesterday and everybody got to see that he had TPD.
by ~Lice~ July 19, 2005
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Team Party Death Squad - A group of government employees choosing whether customers live or die based upon cost of medical costs, survivability rates, and length of extension of life prior to provider of services.
My grandma broke a hip, but the TPDS said it wasn't worth it to replace it. She just died last yesterday.
by TPDS or die April 19, 2011
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