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Pro-nounced "Sigh-pot".

The Szypot Hairstyle is more like an artform. It stands out because hair is distinctively combed, spiked, blown and/or swirled in an unnatural direction with purpose and precision. Wind and weather will have little or no impact on the Szypot. (The Szypot hairstyle is not for everyone. If you are different from the rest but still proud of who you are, chances are good that you can pull it off.)

The Szypot Styling Technique is usually reserved for men and women with short hair, but a master stylist can apply the technique on all hair lengths and textures. Extreme attention to detail ensuring that all angles, swirls and fades are purposeful and reflective of the individual's personality is center to the Szypot Technique. Artful accentuation of facial features, fashion and personal style requires innate talent and personal connection between stylist and client. Not all stylists are capable of applying the Szybot Technique either because they lack artistic vision and flair, or because the magical client connection is missing.

The Original Szypot is a term reserved for a select few people who are always well groomed, upbeat, and exuding positive energy while proudly accentuating the cowlick's that nature gave them. They never try to tame their hair to grow in a "normal" direction because they are confident in their own skin and not interested in conforming to the societal image of normalcy.
Ryan Seacrest sometimes spikes his hair randomly, this is NOT a Szypot. Other times, Seacrest can be seen with hair placed so precisely that you can't take your eyes off his head. As the winner, the werewolf, the weirdo, Charlie Sheen was not wearing a Szybot. As the sharp, charismatic, well-groomed, funny guy who tells it like it is, Sheen's hair is a showpiece. A Szypot.
by Trendsettling Trendsetter March 26, 2011
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