Sye be looking like a whole ass horse. He loves to wear his same 2 shirts and 2 pants he poops himself in. He walks like he got kicked up in the ass. He smells like piss. He be lookin like a whole ass horse even his movements. He got dem buck teeth and wears ugly ass braces. he talks to himself 246 cus he got no friends and loves to get fucked in the ass 247 cus he’s gay as hell and he also likes to eat ass. His fav hobby is to jump out his 100ft window! He has a bad nic addiction and is gonna grow up to be working at a tobacco store. And be lookin like fucking gloria from chicken little u fat ass shit fuck
Don’t be a sye

I’m gay
“i love eating dick

“eat my ass and i’ll eat your ass
by Furry she wolf November 14, 2021
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A soft or sweet person in person but the opposite virtually online
by Akairie December 19, 2021
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Silly Sye, a teacher that believes they are above the rest. Whilst working, they are seen are too strict, but when they leave the school to do anything else, Students often describe 'Silly Sye' as a nice guy.
by Enzo Lorenzo April 22, 2020
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