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A very beautiful talented young woman. Makes an amazing best friend. Sometimes she needs to be pushed a little but she isn't afraid to push back. She is a great friend and would make a great celebrity.
I love my best friend Sydne. She is so talented I can't wait to see her first concert when she gets over her stage fright.
by sassysteph123 June 30, 2009
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Sydne is a very young, talented, beautiful, girl. she loves sports. she loves her friends endlessly and always wants to make them happy. She pulls all the guys and they all say she is so cute. sydne loves to laugh and have a good time and there is never a dull moment with sydne. Sydne is also short and so cute ad has a great pedicure
dude look as sydne shes like perfect
by you are amazing January 13, 2019
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Sydnes is a scank, but also a walking infection. It smells of death and cancer. Heard of STD's? She got 'em all.
Father sydnes: Heyy Martine, how's ur cancer doin? still deadly?
Sydnes: STFU
Father sydnes: ....scank
by mostaren August 01, 2009
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