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Sydmo is usually a nickname for a girl named Sydney Morris. The girl is meant for a boy named Garet Tetreault. They're meant to be the most perfect couple in this world, so they are. Garet is an individual who is meant to make "Sydmo" as happy as possible, and can love her more than anyone else on this planet. Sydmo, is there, to be a queen, Garet wanting to treat her as royalty. They do absolutely eveything, and are possibly also the happiest couple in this world. They've made up the fact that Garets a dork, and Sydney's a whale. A Dork is a whales penis FYI, so it's meant for laughs.

Sydmo, is quite possibly the most beautiful girl on this earth, and without a doubt the most amazing. She's going to marry Garet Tetreault, and have 2 beautiful kids.

Garet has a poem for her, soon enough, when Sydmo shows him his suprise.
Sydmo was MADE for Garet, I swear.
by GarebearloveSydmo October 14, 2009
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