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Shy at first but opens up to people she really trusts. Anti-social but has some close friends. Has a big heart but when someone steps on it, your fucked up for life with her. Hates liars. Freaky but pure. Just a fun spirit and goofy as hell.
Girl: who is that girl? She has a nasty ass attitude

Other girl: Oh that's just Syanna, she's nicest person you could ever meet
by Drizzydomoo March 12, 2017
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A woman of unrelenting lies, who is a defiler of trust, and will do anything to impress or win the crowd with all means.
Guy1: "Dude, that guy there t even as athletic as he says he is, and those people are actually believing it"

Guy 2: "I know right? Such a Syanna right there"
by Codius April 01, 2011
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