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to make sexual contact with someone of the same sex. This is considered no homo if the word swurf is said. There are a bit of rules. RULE #1: STRICTLY SAME SEX!!! RULE #2: swurf cannot last more than 5 seconds. RULE #3: No pain involved in a swurf. RULE #4: no touching of the private areas RULE #5: HAVE FUN SWURFING!!!!!
a guy walks up to another guy at the playboy mansion and rubs his shoulders for 4 seconds and says swurf.
by the swurfologists March 19, 2010
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Swurf can be used as both an adjective and a verb depending on emotion and
connotation. Swurf can be used in any situation and is actually advised to be used
in any situation.
Swurf is the word of all words since it can mean anything...swurf is used in swurfy
Swurf as a verb: "If this dude keeps talking shit to me, he is going to get swurfed on."

Swurf as an adjective: "Damn girl you are lookin real swurfy in that dress, why
don't you bring your swurfy ass on over here.
by Parallel Rhymes May 16, 2009
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Surf and Swag combined.
Johnny: I have a surfer's hair.
Me: Swurf it, dude.
Johnny: What?
Me: Surf +Swag it, man.
Johnny: OMG!
by OmgImLameUMad? November 10, 2012
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