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(swoh-lee-oh-sis) n.

An abnormal proliferation of jacked fibraz, brah.

Often associated with gym memberships, a large Big Three, an unlimited supply of pussy, and a disdain for MySpace 'ripped' kids.

Related terms:
"Yo dude, what happened to you last night!?! Last I saw you were gamin' that 9, and then you were gone!"

"Yeah brah, she was diggin' the bis, so we went back to her place. Turns out she's in med school...diagnosed me with a severe case of swoleosis that could only be treated with a great lay."
by AirChair February 03, 2009
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Suffering from extreme swoleness, anger, and/or madness.

Symptoms include redness in the face.

Raising and straining of the voice at others.

Movement of the body in an angrily fashion.
Axel:Hey did you see that kid with the red ass face?

Tom: Oh, him? He's suffering from extreme swoleosis.
by ChrisJawns May 28, 2010
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