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a wonderful place in Bermuda with expensive ( but good ) food, Bermudians, and Rum Swizzle. The Rum Swizzle is an alcoholic beverage that is made out of; 1 shot of dark rum, equal parts of orange juice & pineapple juice, triple sec for color, and a few drops bitters. The theme of this great restaurant and bar is very casual, as people, tourists and locals have graffitied the wall with their names ( legally, the place allows you to do it) its fun to sit up and read the different names. The restaurant has two stories, one half of the lower and the up is designated for outdoor peoples. The food there is rather good, and the people there friendly. Swizzle Inn is a great place to go, if you ever visit the island of Bermuda
Bob: hey Joe, if i go to Bermuda, wheres the best place to get drunk, and get great food?

Joe: Swizzle Inn, foo
by onewhodies November 15, 2010
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