It is a party mainly for people to get drunk and have sex. Usually random people show up and the party is often kept quiet from the public. Many people who are in relationships show up at swinger parties to 'swing' or enjoy a different style of sex. Orgies and group sex is very common at swing parties too.
Guy: I went to a swingers party to drink and fuck random girls that I'll never see again in my life.

Girl: Let's go to the swingers party across the road and have 12in cocks ploughed into our tight cherry pussies.
by Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks July 15, 2009
Its what you think it is, a fucking swinger party with realtives involed. Or some would say a Family reunion in West Virginia.
When You go to a Incest Swingers party theres always time for a little family bondage, My aunt used to squeeze my cheeks when I was little now when I go to the Annual Incest Swingers Party I cum in hers.
by Uncle Delmas January 9, 2010
The West Virginia Swinger Party is when a family of West Virginia natives hold a family reunion, and then proceed to the sexy time.
Dude my buddy let me go with him to a West Virginia Swinger Party. It was like a trainwreck...I couldn't look away.
by hiphop6969 February 12, 2010
Person 1: I just went to a non optional swingers party.
Person 2: Damn, that sucks.
by TarzanIzKewl November 15, 2015