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It is the irresistible attraction to rather large greasy women. Usually they consist of multiple chins, kankles, cellulite, and just overall fat.
Andy-Dude why don't we ever hang out with Chris

Jon-Didn't you hear? He's got that Swine Fever.
by jonward April 28, 2009
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The Reaction you have when you hear about the Swine Flu in your town/school/state. And False panic and adrenaline rush that comes over you in hope for a school closing or cancellation.

very contagious among young teenagers and parents.
There is no cure for swine fever except if a smarter person slaps you across the face and explains the facts of the flu to you.
Kid 1: did you hear that Jerry in Warfield County has "The Swine?"

Kid 2: NO OMFG (the first case of Swine Fever)



kid 1345: did you hear that jerry from mrs. Wally's Class has the flu?

kid 1346: no im going home to tell my mommy!!!!
by Winniethefoo May 04, 2009
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Sexually transmitted disease (STD), know by the medical term Trichomoniasis that is running rampant in the dance club scene. This is a new STD and most people have never heard of it or can't pronounce it so it is commonly called Trichinosis. Trichinosis is cause by eating raw pork and is not a STD.

The disease is nicknamed "Swine Fever" or on the club scene "Pig Disease" for the close resemblance in the name of the two diseases.
Joe, "Dude that girl I took home the other night had a pig nose and did a mud slide on the way home in the rain. She was weird."

James, "She definitely has Swine Fever, you better get tested quick before you get Pig Disease."
by TuckDCconnect August 07, 2012
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