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Based on expirence, swine flu is basically a regular flu except you get to take a full week off of school/work and nobody will come near you.

If you have a "suspected" case of the H1N1 and you walk into a medical clinic to ask for an appointment, they force a mask over your mouth and nose and throw you into an isolation room, away from all the other patients.

Then a doctor comes in wearing two face masks and rubber gloves asks about your symtoms and such.

The doctor prescribes asthma medication and cough syrup for the coughing, nasal spray for the runny nose, and then these green & yellow mystery pills.

If you live with very germaphobic people, they will likely quarenteen you in your bedroom and not let you leave unless you have bathed in hand sanitizer and are wearing a face mask.

NOTE: this disease can be caused by sleeping over at the house of a contaminated person, but it is apparently not transferred through making out with your boyfriend.
DAMN i have the swine flu! *cough cough sputter cough*

Dont have sleepver parties if you have the swine influenza!!
by swwwwineflu June 18, 2009
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