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verb; swimulation, swimulated, swumulate, swamulated, swim·mu-lating, noun
–verb (used without object)
to dance as if you have no bones.
to bob about due to massive consumption of hooch
to sway, suspended in air as if floating in water.
to smoothly slur all words in one solid sentence without spaces in the face of a worthy mate and thus make her totally swoon/swumulated.

to be immersed or steeped in or overflowing or flooded with boozification at your local boozapalooza.

an act, instance, or period of swimulation.
seemingly unaware of your surroundings yet actively engaged in getting down and shaking your groove thang.

Etymology: The combination of simulate and swim. Coined by Joey Meatballs previously known as Joey Bahamas.
Human: "Joey Meatballs, you look like you are really feeling this song by Toto."
Joey Meatballs: "I'm totally swimulating. I want assimilation through swimulation for everyone, to feel as though we're all of one mind..."
Human: "You sir, are a living legend."
Joey Meatballs: "...and yet I bleed real blood."

Despite the crowd between him and the bar, Joey Meatballs will swimulate through them to get his beers from the bartender.

3. "Ah man, I am so swimulated right now."
by GardnerLou May 09, 2010
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