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1. A party or large gathering involving copious amounts of hard liquor, spody, jello shots, and other forms of spirits, that is held to encourage men to act like drunken apes. Women are encouraged to take their clothes off and/or get into cat fights, but preferably both.

2. A common fraternity hazing practice that usually precedes the ritual fucking of the sheep and homo-erotic spanking sessions.

1. "Hey, remember that giant fucking barrel of rum I stole for the party we had under the water tower? I can't believe we finished that! Mike shit his pants, Crystal lit Tammy's hair on fire, Gary drank a beer that I pissed in, Mandy got tag-teamed in Deuster's van, and Carl passed out taking a dump so we drew a cock on his forehead! That was a real boozapalooza!"

2. Frat brother Timmy: Yeah, let's make these freshman fuckwads do a boozapalooza. We'll lock them in the basement with a half-gallon each and if they're not done within 20 minutes, we'll go in there and fuck them in the ass!

Frat brother Terry: Good idea, Timmy, and I'll be sure to grab some lube. No freshman ever wins the boozapalooza!

by smbbms August 04, 2007
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An extravagant event involving almost too much alcohol consumption. Kegs, 60, Texas mickey and Various drinking games are normally involved. Nakedness is not expected but is encouraged.
Wow man, got so fucked up at that boozapalooza last night, what even happened?
by sexy mcpeterson January 17, 2012
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