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A nickname given to only the closest and most highest ranking friends you have
Wow dude! you stoped a bullet for me! You Rock Sweetpants!
by Matt Benkarski August 22, 2008
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An Interjection and Adjective. Almost inexpressably cool. Long for sweet, and sometimes shortened to just pants. A derivation of sweet in the pants, used by a small group of teenagers in CA.
"Finding these wicked $2 t-shirts is totally sweetpants."
"Sweetpants! I am having barrels of fun!"
by Stevie F October 01, 2006
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When the job gets done without stimulus.
"Hey bro, did you see that girl back there? Total Sweet Pants."

"Bro, my girl was teasing me and gave me a bad case of the sweet pants"
by TheLionPaw April 11, 2015
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