A girl that has a curvaceous backside, it's so voluptuous that you just want to rub your face all in it.
Wow, Kasey's got some sweet cheeks, I just want to rub butter all over them and eat them all up.
by EPaulD October 31, 2010
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Migert's way of saying:
1) Cutie
2) Man
3) I'm attracted to you
When Migert met Jerin, he said "nice to meet you sweet cheeks!
by Migert February 03, 2005
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nickname of Jon Ashenbaugh, who is the basis of most jokes, trade rumors, and song requests of a sports talk radio show at Purdue hosted by roommates Milk and Danny.
Jon is the infamours sweetcheeks. -2
by the Smoot master February 21, 2006
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usually a name given by gang-banging jail inmates to tiny inmates made into their bitches
Big John calls Little Joe-Joe the cross-dressing faggot "sweet cheeks". Joe-Joe is such a bitch!
by OD July 01, 2004
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