when something is sweet pimpin and gangster you would describe it as sweet pimp gangter. hence the name sweet pimp gangter.
danny: man that car is tight

nick: na naw bitch that car is better then tight is sweet pimp gangter.

danny: there u go again negrotistcal nick
by nick August 21, 2004
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Man who loves his hoes, and goes out of his way to be sure she has a roof over her head, security, & basic needs like hair conditioner, perfume, etc.. Sweet Pimps are respectful. he should be doing something constructive at all times. He is a Sweet Pimp because he doesn't get mad if the girl wants to be a model, promiscuous, wear skimpy clothing, or even be in porn. He's not afraid to let her move on.. the opposite, a Gorilla would tighten his grip by continuing to intimidate, lie, threaten, and abuse the woman, hack tricks, etc..Sweet Pimps know that even though he loves her..don't trip too hard, let her go is she chooses ..there are too many other females who are in need of the Sweet Pimps love and skills such as promotion, in both social media & word of mouth, and counseling to keep her self esteem up. He is a soldier for her, knowing that if she feels comfortable, confident, & safe, he will profit in some way from the relationship. They fail at times because the industry itself is doomed by alot of darkness. Many bitches and hoes have a twisted agenda in that they hate men that love or care for them, and worship and uplift men that treat them like dirt. So the Sweet Pimp needs to be super selective & not pull a toxic hoe... because she will fuck up his game, fuck him up, and he will be busted and get drained of his Sweet Pimp Power. So let this be a manifesto for all Sweet Pimps worldwide...stay up fellas..wear your Kangols with pride, and stay away from toxic hoes.
He is a Sweet Pimp. He always makes sure I have a room, fresh food, clean clothes, condoms, and hair conditioner...and is strapped in case the tricks tripping.
by Bbwsweetpimp909 August 7, 2022
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